We have finally discovered a form of physical activity that the whole family can participate in!! I have wanted this for a long time, and it has finally happened!! Rollerblading!!! Here’s how it works. Luke pushes the double stroller with B and Ph in it and P holding on to the side. Yes, he is able to skate doing this!! (Amazing, huh?) AM follows a good distance behind L because she can’t go quite as fast, and I skate along behind AM zig-zagging and skating in circles (anything to make up for going a little slower).

P has impressed us. At the beginning, one of us would skate ahead so the other could stay with the stroller at a much slower pace because P’s skates kept getting tangled up together or with the stroller. He really had no control at all. By the end of the first day, he was able to hold on to the stroller and keep his legs straight while L pushed the stroller at almost full speed. He even showed off some by skating on one foot!!

The best news of all is that we all love it! We don’t have to drag the kids out when they’d rather be doing something else because, so far, they are itching to go. Roller blading like this is great because I get to spend time with the family, but I also get that much needed time to myself at the same time. That sounds impossible, but it is true because I am mostly skating by myself behind AM (time alone). She isn’t talking much because she is concentrating on her new skill. I can skate up and talk to her anytime I want. Plus L would let AM and me catch up occasionally, so I could converse with him too (time with the family)!

We skate on a walking track with trees and rock on each side. At this time of year there are also small waterfalls and trickles of water that add to the whole experience. While rollerblading along with my family and looking at the things around me, I have a great opportunity to praise God for his beauty. So here is a fun exercise that includes family time, exercise, alone time, and praising God. What more could you ask for in an exercise?!!

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