Potty Training

Ph is officially potty training. So far today has been good. He really does not seem to know when he needs to go yet, but he knows when he has gone, and he knows what he is supposed to do when he sits down on the potty. He is definitely learning, but when it comes to recognizing the urge to go, I am the one trained so far. I send him regularly, and he has only had one accident in his underwear today. Eventually he will learn to tell me when he goes instead of me sending him and hoping he has to go. He works with me some, though. When I send him, he goes, even if it is just a tiny bit!

This is all better than when we tried about a week ago. I set the timer for 45 minutes, so I wouldn’t forget to send him to the potty. Guess what? He went three times in that time period, once in the potty and twice in his underwear! I don’t think he knows how to empty his bladder. That is why I am now sending him every 20 minutes or so. He’ll get the hang of it!!

I am not pushing him too much. I don’t want him to know how bad I want him potty trained! I am pushing just a little, though, by reminding him that the diaper rashes will be history when he starts going in the potty (he is getting awful rashes!). This way maybe he will think it was his idea to go potty!

Speaking of potty training, P has decided that the age of 4 is too big to have accidents. He even said once that he didn’t want to go in the little potty because, “I’m four now!!” I did not argue!! Now the little potty can be mainly for Ph, and P can be the “big boy” example for Ph!!

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