Found a Peanut

We have known AM was allergic to peanuts since before she was one. Several weeks ago, L got her a free cookie from Kroger. When AM said the cookie tasted like peanut butter, L smelled it and discovered it was a peanut butter cookie. We had been wondering if she was still allergic, so L did not give her benadryl. Guess what!! No reaction!! A few days ago, we gave her a peanut M&M with no reaction. The next day we let her eat at Chick-fil-A (they cook withpeanut oil) with no reaction. It appears that she has outgrown the allergy. We are still cautious and not letting her eat peanuts when we are not around, but so far, so good. She is enjoying peanut butter, too! She has had it on chocolate pie and oatmeal pancakes! She has been asking for a peanut butter sandwich, but I haven't given in yet. I'm not sure why. Somehow I am still a little uneasy with allowing her to have peanuts. Maybe because I've been cautious and on the lookout for peanuts most of her life. It's hard to break the habit!! I am very glad that I will not be hearing, “That looks so good. I wish I could have peanut butter.” How exciting for her!!

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