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Pretty in Pink – Part 2

Yesterday you saw Candice pretty in pink. Today it is Bethany’s turn!

Pretty in Pink – Part 1

A few weeks ago, I got camera happy with Bethany and Candice while keeping them in the nursery at church. They are both pretty in pink. Today we will look at my favorites of Candice.

Van Pictures 2009-06-25

On the way home from the park last week, we allowed the kids to do something that normally is not allowed. Since their Granddaddy was back there with them supervising the chaos, we allowed them to play with a ball in the van! Here are half the resulting pictures.

Around and Around We Go

Vatican Museums Spiral Staircases
Image by Christopher Chan via Flickr

Here is Anna’s description of her made up holiday, “Opposites Day.”

It’s “Opposites Day.” Since it is “Opposites Day,” that means we have to say the opposite, so it really isn’t “Opposites Day.” But if it isn’t really “Opposites Day” and someone says it is “Opposites Day,” it is “Opposites Day.” But that makes it not “Opposites Day”…..

And around and around we go!

*If you are wondering, I used “Opposites Day” nine times in the post. This makes an even 10! 🙂

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Park Pictures 2009-06-19

Because I know you love my kids so much, I decided to share their fun at the park with you. Seriously, this is the best place to keep track of pictures. I hope you can enjoy them with me.