A New Hand

While at our church‘s Fun Fair this past Saturday, I was holding Candice’s hand while we waited in line for a slush. I let go of her for a few seconds and then took her hand again. After a few minutes I looked down to an adorable little girl with long dark curly hair and eyes of unrecognition! I was holding the wrong little girl’s hand!

I said, “Oh! You’re not my little girl!” and she smiled a bit sheepishly. Evidently she reached up for my hand as unobservantly as I reached down for hers! After making sure she found her mommy, I went on my way with Candice!

2 thoughts on “A New Hand

  1. tgedeon

    I don’t think she did. She had been running around all day without holding a hand, so she though nothing of it when I let go of hers.


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