Candice’s Cast

Candice has her first cast already…at 9 months of age. Here’s what happened. I was going down our deck stairs one evening while holding Candice, and decided to fall down the last three steps.

I did everything I could to protect Candice, including pulling her away from the side I was obviously going to land on. I was able to protect her head and body, but her little leg was still dangling down. When we landed at the bottom, my knee landed on her lower leg.

I immediately called to Luke, who came down to take Candice from me and took her inside. After I calmed Candice down as much as possible and calmed myself down, I took her to the ER. When they checked her in, they took both her feet and moved her legs in circles to see if her joints were okay. She did not make a single peep. I began to wonder then if I had made a big deal out of nothing.

At home after she fell, I had tried to stand her up to see if she would put weight on it, and she wouldn’t. So, after sitting down to wait in the waiting room, I tried again to stand her up, and she still wouldn’t put weight on it. Obviously it was something.

To make a VERY long story short, we spent 9 hours in the waiting room. The doctor did an x-ray as a precaution, but he did not think it would show anything. He seemed a bit surprised when it showed that her shin was fractured. That was when I heard, “You were a smart mom to bring her in.”

She left with a cast on her leg, which had to be redone 2 days later because it was too loose. They were afraid it would fall off! Amazingly, she was crawling on the cast the first day and eventually learned to pull up with it on. She has also learned to make noise by kicking the floor with her cast! 🙂

I have more to say on this topic, but I thought I should get the basic information out there before I get in trouble by my friends and family that might not know yet. I guess it might be a bit late for that, huh, since it happened over a week ago. 😐 Maybe they won’t hate me too much? Please?

Stay tuned for more on Candice’s Cast and hopefully a picture (if I ever remember to take one)!

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