10 Good Things About a Broken Leg

Here are some things I am thankful for concerning my fall and Candice’s fractured leg. I know God has been, and will continue to, take care of us!

  1. Candice was not seriously injured.
  2. I was holding her face out, which meant holding her lower and having a better grip on her.
  3. It was only a fall down 3 steps instead of the whole flight of stairs!
  4. My bulky diaper bag cushioned the fall.
  5. Babies heal very quickly.
  6. The great review process at the hospital that let them know to redo the cast.
  7. We have good insurance!
  8. Luke was home, and I did not have to take the whole gang to the ER!
  9. I came out of it with only scratches and bruises!
  10. God blessed us with reflexes and instincts to protect ourselves and (especially) others in a fall!

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