The Dealer

I discovered tonight that my husband knows how to win with style. While playing Risk tonight, my best move at one point would have been to attack Anna and remove her from the game. The only problem is that I could not bring myself to put her out of the game.

Then for Luke’s turn, his best move was also to take Anna out of the game. He actually took her out and made her feel honored for going out. He told her that she would end up on his team and get to roll the dice for him. She seemed to love the idea and showed no sadness whatsoever about going out of the game.

Now that is the way to play a board game. I wish I had that skill. Maybe I will learn it from him. Of course, it may not work for me. Nobody wants to be on my team because I’m always the first one out of the game. 🙂 Oh well! You can’t blame a girl for trying!!!

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