100 Things About Me – #43

I have kept a journal since I was nine years old. It started out with me writing about my pets or exciting events. Then it became a place to write anything that was on my mind.

For a while, my journal was about Luke. I have a journal of over 200 pages that covers 2 years of my life written about my husband and his family when he and I were both 12 (to age 15)!

After I got married, I got out of the habit of writing in a journal. I am not sure why. It is quite unfortunate, though, because it would have been really cool to have a journal of different events with the family, especially the kids.

Funny. You don’t really ever hear of people wondering which husband or wife they did something with, but it seems quite common to forget which event was shared with what kid (or so I am told). 🙂

Fortunately, I have begun my journal yet again. It is called Denim and Silk (this blog), which also includes my twitter updates. Between these two, I am able to remember and share small things that happen with each member of my family!

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