100 Things About Me – #37

I have a dream of helping those holding positions of leadership. It all began about 4 years ago. I had always held pastors and their wives as almost holy. Because I thought they did no wrong, I also thought that they could handle a lot! I never dreamed of offering to help them with anything because they were perfect, right?

About 4 years ago, I realized I was wrong. Now,  you are probably wondering what my pastor or his wife did to make me see how imperfect they were. The answer is nothing.

I was sitting in Sunday school one day listening to the pastor’s wife as she taught my class (and doing a great job!), when it came to me. I realized she was a human being just like me. She has problems and cries tears just like I do. She is no more perfect than I am!!

After realizing this fact, it dawned on me how full my pastor’s and his wife’s work load was. They were each carrying enough work for 2 or 3 people! That is when I started doing things to try to make things easier for them.

We have since been called to another church, but I am still keeping my “minister to the ministers” attitude!

1 thought on “100 Things About Me – #37

  1. Meg

    Although she totally supports him, my mom often feels like my dad getting called to the ministry gave her another full-time job. I thought this was because my dad was ordained in his 50s but now I wonder if that’s always part of being married to a pastor.


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