100 Things About Me – #36

I like routine. Now those of you who know me may be saying, “huh?!” It would seem that my life has very little routine.

I have discovered that I actually have several routines that I perform throughout the day. One is at bedtime. I always check the door and windows, cover the kids up, get water and chapstick and then go to bed. I do this just about every night!

Another routine I have noticed is that I can’t just wash dishes. Because I do not like to sweep a wet floor, I have to sweep before doing dishes (because the floor ALWAYS gets wet!). Well, if I’m sweeping, it makes sense to clear the table first, so that nothing falls off the table onto a freshly swept floor? I pretty much end up cleaning up the whole kitchen when all I set out to do was wash a few dishes!

So, I have routines and I enjoy them. Yet I can’t sit down and write a routine that I will stick to. It has always been an accident for me. Maybe I’ll eventually learn to intentionally write my own routines on purpose. 🙂

What about you? Do you have specific routines that you perform on a daily (or almost daily) basis?

2 thoughts on “100 Things About Me – #36

  1. Kara

    How funny, I think I have routines that I’m not aware of as well. I can’t stick to a schedule either. Each day brings new challenges, but there are some things I always do each day like you.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


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