Winter’s End

Even though winter is technically over, it still feels like winter here in New England. Now is my last opportunity to think of those things I want to make the best of before winter’s long nap. Here is my list. I am sure there are more things, but I can always add those later, right? What would you add to the list?

  • the refreshing warmth of hot drinks
  • snow
  • pumpkin pie
  • the serene silence of the outdoors
  • the ability to keep cold food on the porch
  • the lack of aroma when passing the trash bin outside
  • Christmas
  • the blazing sunset behind bare trees
  • indoor family time (like boardgames)
  • my winter wardrobe
  • the smell of wood smoke

2 thoughts on “Winter’s End

  1. Luke Gedeon

    That is a really “cool” list. Coming to the end winter. I could not think of that many things to appreciate. Fewer allergies has been nice.

    Thanks for pointing out the bright-side of winter.


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