Visiting China

We had been looking forward to the China Care dinner for a week when our van broke down. Since we were looking forward to it and because of the benefit to others if we went, we decided to walk the 2 miles to the dinner. It was a fun adventure! Believe it or not, it was not a bit stressful walking that far in downtown Providence with 5 children! We had 2 of them in a double stroller, 1 in a backpack, and 2 walking (switching out who walked and who rode to an extent). I think we all thoroughly enjoyed the time together as we walked!

About a fourth of the way there, I realized that Peter was a bit confused about where we were walking to. He pointed to a brick wall and excitedly said, “Hey! Is that the Great Wall of China?!” Apparently he thought we were walking to China and either thought we had walked a long way or that China was very close!! (The second assumption would make sense since we are meeting so many people from China and learning their language.) 🙂

By the way, our van is running and sitting in our driveway right now. And the most amazing part is that we drove this 24 hour van for a year and a half before we had a bit of trouble out of it! God is SO good to us!!! He even provided a mechanic through our pastor to help us get a good deal on getting it fixed! Thank you, Lord! 🙂

Why don’t you take a minute to thank God for at least one thing he has given you? You may find it hard to stop once you’ve started. Don’t worry. God is in no hurry to have you stop praising Him! You may even find a blessing or two in disguise!

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