Unexpected Christmas Tree

Several weeks ago, a friend of ours let us borrow a Christmas tree that they would not be using. Since we have a family tradition of spending Friday evenings together as a family, we decided to spend the next Friday decorating for Christmas.

We were very pleased that our friend also loaned us Christmas lights, and the best part was that the lights were blue (both Luke’s and my favorite color)!!

Other than the lights, we went the old fashioned way with decorations. We strung popcorn and hung anything pretty, including jewelry on it! And we did it all to the sound of Christmas music on pandora.

We also made a paper chain counting down the days until Christmas. We cut out slips of paper and divided them between the four older kids. They each colored the same amount of links, and we put them on the chain so that the kids got to take turns taking off the links they created themselves! I think they had a blast!! I know I did!

After making the chain and decorating the tree, we sat on the couch with popcorn and watched The Grinch while staring at our newly decorated borrowed Christmas tree.

What type of decorations do you have up at your house this year? Are there certain traditions that you follow each year?

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  1. Luke Gedeon

    Hey, you replied! I missed the reply because I was not subscribed to comments on this post. Was not even an option at the time. I am glad it is an option now. It will make following comments easier.


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