Tom’s Mom

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Tom. Tom’s mom loved him and doted on him constantly. When Tom got a bad grade at school, his mom was there to “explain away” the problem. When he got into trouble, his mom was there to take the blame. When Tom wasted away his money, his mom was there to give him more.

Doesn’t this sound like an awesome relationship? What boy wouldn’t want someone always there sweeping his messes under the rug? Unfortunately, as awesome as it sounds to live in this scenario, it has some major issues.

Even though Tom and his mom loved each other, Tom had a big problem. He wasn’t learning how to be responsible. When he gets out in the real world without his mom there to defendĀ  him, he won’t know how to fend for himself. He is learning that no matter how much trouble he gets into, him Mom is right there to dust him off and cover for him. His mom has literally been running herself ragged trying to keep up with the growing mischiefs of her son.

This scenario has many things in common with the government and the American people. Tom represents the American people, and his mom represents the government.

It seems so awesome to have a net underneath us as we walk on the tightrope of life, but unfortunately the net eventually has to be taken away. It is safer to walk knowing there is no net than to walk with the expectation of a net that is not strong enough to hold. The idea of the government being able to pick us up and dust us off after every mistake we make sounds so alluring.

But it can’t go on forever, and the government does not love us like a mother. It is very possible that about the time we Americans grow accustomed to being cleaned up after, the government will change its ways and use our dependence to take away our freedom.

Yesterday the New American Tea Party took place at different locations across the nation. The purpose of this was to let the government know that we do not approve of all the bail outs and unnecessary spending. If America keeps up at the pace it is going right now, we will all drown in debt.

Have you let the government cover for you like Tom? It isn’t too late to change your ways and let our leaders know how you feel about the crazy spending habits of our government. Send a letter or call your representatives to let them know what you think.

There were at least a thousand present at the Rhode Island tea part at one time. Since people were constantly coming and going, there were probably even more than that!

Below are some pictures of the Providence, Rhode island tea party contributed by David Rinebolt. Thanks David!

Click on each image to see a bigger picture.

1 thought on “Tom’s Mom

  1. Meg

    Tom had a teacher named Meg, who absolutely dreaded parent conferences because she would say “your son is failing because of X,Y, and Z” and Tom’s mom would explain that it was because MEG is a BAD TEACHER who doesn’t understand her precious snowflake baby is really a GENIUS, and Meg is just a big meanyhead who is picking on her little angel, even though Tom’s classmates all managed to hand in their work…

    No government metaphor there. Just needed to get that out, I feel all better now!


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