The Unexpected Note

A few weeks ago after one of our many snow storms, Luke went out on a Sunday morning to shovel the driveway.

Since we were having a fellowship at church, we were taking more stuff to church than usual. Because it is harder to shovel once you have walked on the snow, Luke always shovels and then comes back for any stuff that needs to go to the van.

That particular morning, I decided to be helpful by suggesting to Luke that he take some stuff and leave it just inside the apartment door to save him a trip (and time) later. I thought it was a good idea, and evidently he did too, because he took my suggestion.

While Luke was shoveling, I got a call from the pastor telling us church was canceled. So, we had Sunday school at home and ate lunch, like we have in the past when we’ve been snowed in on a Sunday. Later, on the way down to the basement, I found a note just outside the door that read, “Thanks for the playpen.” Huh? What playpen? Then it dawned on me.

When took the playpen down using the back door on his way to shovel. When he was done shoveling, he came in the front door, but since church was canceled, we never finished loading the van. Guess where we left the playpen? Right outside the downstairs neighbors’ door! Neither one of us had thought to bring it back in! Oops!

I am eventually going to tell you the outcome of this story, but I would like to know your thoughts first. What would you do if you were wearing my shoes? (And please don’t say that you would take a boat ride or hold your nose). 😀

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