The Risk in Helping Others

Have you ever considered the fact that there is risk involved when you help someone?

Today at the pharmacy, I noticed a mom with her newborn. The straps of the baby’s infant carseat were loose enough that he could have come out of the seat in an auto accident. I had a strong urge to go over and talk to her and see if she would let me help her with the straps.

Let me point out here that I am not the type of person to walk up to a total stranger and ask them if I can help them with their baby. At least I didn’t used to be. 🙂

I got my nerve up to do it when the baby cried and she took him out of his car seat. Now I didn’t have to ask her to take the baby out.

When I walked up to her and started talking, she immediatly let me know that she did not speak English. I pulled on the strap of the empty car seat and motioned that they were loose and asked if I could fix it for her. She nodded.

After several adjustments and asking her to put the baby in to let me test the length, I was finished. I had to touch the baby’s arms to test the strap length, and that was the scariest part. I treated that tiny baby like he was made of porcelain because I was a total stranger to the mom and did not want to concern her in any way.

Fortunately she did not seem to be concerned, and the baby did not cry while I was testing the straps. There was risk involved, but to me, it was a risk well worth it! Now I can rest assured that her tiny helpless newborn will be as safe as possible in he car seat.

So, tell me. Do you think my actions were too risky? Did I do the right thing? Your input would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

1 thought on “The Risk in Helping Others

  1. Mark

    Of course it is a risk. You were right to be concerned. I’ve been in similar situations and been “told off”. I still do what is right because for many they will realize their error and even if they do not tell you or have the chance to tell you. It is always right to do right. Even when someone takes your kindness as evil.


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