Thanksgiving with Friends

Thanksgiving 2008 can be marked as the first Thanksgiving I’ve ever had away from my extended family. We were invited to spend Thanksgiving with some friends of ours, and it worked out really well because neither of our families have extended family living nearby. The Kowalczyk’s informed us that, for that day, we were considered part of the family! And boy was being a Kowalczyk fun!

We showed up at their house at around 10 am and jumped right into cooking Thanksgiving dinner. After eating a delicious dinner in which everything tasted so good we weren’t sure what to call our favorite, we spent all day playing games and talking. We played Scrabble, Air Hockey, Rummy-O, and some old Nintendo games! It felt like we had stepped back a decade, and we were young again!

We had so much fun! I know Thanksgiving is all about family, but I learned this Thanksgiving that it is also about friends! And what better celebration of Thanksgiving is there, in the absence of family, than to spend it with friends that love you just the way you are! We feel blessed to be friends with the Kowalczyk’s! I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did! God Bless you, Brett and Jessi!

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