Ten Inches Shorter

Anna has alway liked her long hair. As a matter of fact, when I have trimmed it in the past, she has begged me not to cut too much off. A little over a year ago, we learned about Locks of Love when two of her friends decided to donate their hair.

Ever since, Anna has been taking special care of her hair in order to donate to a little girl who needs it. Evidently helping another little girl was enough to convince my sweet 8 year old to cut her hair and actually be excited about it! We have no idea which little girl will get it, and have no way of finding out, but we know that some little girl somewhere will be wearing Anna’s beautiful blonde hair eventually.

If you are interested in donating to Locks of Love, read the guidelines or watch a video. If you would like to help but do not have 10 inches of hair to donate, there is also an option to give a monetary donation or sponsor an event.

Here are some pictures of Anna before and after the cut:

3 thoughts on “Ten Inches Shorter

  1. Barry

    Locks of Love is a great organization. My wife and daughter have both donated hair in the past. It’s a very kind and gracious thing to do for those who feel embarrassed about losing their hair due to chemo treatments. My mom went through that more than once during her battle with leukemia.


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