Tea Party Revisited

Today I learned about a tea party inspired by the Boston tea party. It is called the New American Tea party. Basically the idea is to send a tea bag to several different representatives on April 1. This will ensure that the tea bag is received by April 15, the day of the tea party.

Wondering why anyone would send a tea bag to their representatives? The idea is to let the government “hear” from those who are against the stimulus package and too much government intervention.

Are you willing to send a tea bag to your representatives for this cause? Why or why not? I am genuinely curious.

Please send this to your local representatives and also to:

Nancy Pelosi
Office of the Speaker
H-232, US Capitol
Washington DC 20515

Senator Harry Reid
Washington DC 20510

Barack Hussein Obama
President of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20500

24 thoughts on “Tea Party Revisited

  1. Elaine

    In honor of cutting my budget and being environmentally aware, I am sending all the folks above a USED tea bag. Waste not, want not.

  2. Joy McFadden

    I love Elaines idea for the used tea bags. I agree, waste not, want not. Believe me, my tea bags will also be used!jem

  3. Michael Lee

    Really, I do love the concept. I think it might be wise however to re-think the idea of “mailing” tea, or any other substance through the U.S. Mail to Govt. Officials. Each, and every tea bag will have to be scanned and tested for biological material (since the anthrax attacks), wasting time and resources of many “Haz-Mat” teams that could otherwise be protecting other areas. I am not certain that doing so is such a great idea.

    The other thing to consider, and this is not a “reason not to do something,” but one should always have one’s eyes open: Every Name and Address on those items sent to Government Officials WILL be recorded and maintained in data bases by the Homeland Security Department. Just so we all understand.

    Still, I would love to see a form of the Tea Party idea—just not the “personal delivery” thing. Maybe organized marches like we had last week in Green Bay, WI.

  4. Luke Gedeon

    Michael Lee,

    The expense incurred by the Haz-Mat teams is a drop in the ocean by comparison to the money spent on even a small election campaign, not to mention unfathomable numbers like the national budget.

    The original tea party was very expensive too. So is going to Disney World. You spend a lot of money on things that are important to you. If you want to keep the right to spend money on things that are important to you, you might have to spend a little money to get them to stop taking it all.

    I really don’t expect them to send the tea bags through Haz-Mat though. They will probably run them through an x-ray machine and trash anything with a tea bag. The best you could hope for is that someone will count them so that the number can make it into the history books.

    The Wikipedia article will read something like:

    In 2016, the US voted unanimously to establish a communist dictatorship. The 585,000 tea-baggers of seven years earlier had by this point all been disappeared or had disavowed their former position in pursuit of medical care for their children during the plague of 2013.

  5. CJ of NOLA

    How about sending an empty tea bag or just the string and tag from the tea bag? With the bad economy, this may hit just the right chord.

  6. Christine Hardy

    Oh God… your comment about health care and plague… that wasn’t even funny! I don’t think homeland security will keep names of every person… I don’t think they have enough employees over there to process all the addresses. Even if the letters are stopped in some kind of holding room at the D.C. post office, our point will have been made.

  7. Luke Gedeon


    I am sorry about the plague part. I thought it was funny at the time, but after talking to a few friends about it, I am not so sure. We have made some serious health mistakes on a national level and apparently this is a legit fear, which means it is nothing to joke about. Anyway, sorry.

    As far as keeping names, they may not but they do have the capacity. And remember the British didn’t take name either, but the majority of the first tea party participants were dead ten years later. America has passed the tipping point. It is no longer safe to take a stand against the government. Any political action or speech should not be taken lightly. Which is unfortunate because I really like to joke.

  8. Sally

    I think I will just send the tag, or the empty envelope my beloved lipton teabags come in. It may be more likely to get to my representatives if it doesn’t appear to have a tea bag in it. I had another thought… has anyone asked their local school ager if they’ve heard about the ORIGINAL tea party? its amazing what ISNT being taught in schools these days…

  9. Tom Davis

    We might consider removing the tea bag and sending just the string with tag attached. Also send a short note such as:
    Vox Populi
    326 F Nantucket Lane
    Monroe Twp, New Jersey 08831

    April 1, 2009
    MEMO TO: Our Employees

    This memorandum is a reminder and a warning; We the People of the United States of America, your employer, are losing patience. Just a reminder; you took an oath to serve us faithfully NOT FAITHFOLLY. As we perceive your action or lack thereof beginning in January, 2005, we are not getting that for which we are paying dearly. We appear to have neither your loyalty nor the level of endeavor we demand of our very well remunerated employees.
    We the People, by this instrument, advise you that your continued failure to carry out you sworn duties will result in the most severe repercussions. Take this warning not as a threat but a promise. Your persistent and costly inter-factional conflict and your one-upmanship are, to say the least juvenile and at worst, demeaning to our great country.
    No more earmarks, no more quid pro quo. Stop the bull and get to work for us, your employer.
    Most sincerely and forcefully- Your Boss!!!

  10. Luke Gedeon

    If you have a letter you want to be read, suggest sending it separately. The teabag itself is a powerful message but may get counted without being opened.

    You should go ahead and send an actual teabag though, because the “audacity of hope” that the teabag will make it through is more powerful the higher the quantity received.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that out of control spending did not cause the recession. Recessions are a healthy part of a market economy. Recessions are great at clearing the dead-weight so the economy can come back stronger.

    The over-taxing and over-spending cause a plethora of other problems but we lose credibility by attacking the wrong problem.

  11. Larry Chelette

    I believe something should be agreed upon so all will reply the same. empty tea bag or full, it should be one united front from beginning to end.

    If something isn’t done, and quickly, no telling where we are headed, but where ever it is, it isn’t good.

  12. Karl Lewis


    We need another boycott, Citizens of America.

    In order to successfully boycott taxes, the employed must stay home by plan on purpose.

    If you will remember September, 11, 2001
    we were in shock from the events.

    We stayed at home glued to our TVs.

    Within 48 to 72 hours our politicians
    were telling us to “get back to normal”.

    Part of getting back to normal was to
    get out of our homes. Go to the malls,
    go to the restaurants. “Go spend your
    paychecks” was really what they were


    Because without sales, no sales taxes
    were being collected. Government runs
    on sales taxes.

    So, if we want to effectively bring Washington
    to it’s knees and get their ear, all we have to
    do is STAY HOME.

    Stay home from our JOBS and refuse to
    Partronize in any retail buying.

    Put on hold the purchase of a house or a car.

    This will get spending under control in
    Washington in a heart beat — LESS than
    72 hours GUARANTEED !! !! !!

    We could overturn every thing we disapprove of that Washington has approved EVERTHING!! !! !!

    Are you ready, America?

  13. Robert Thompson

    I am going to send just the string and tag of the bag along with a hand written note as I believe that has the best chance of getting through to my representatives.

  14. Carolyn Lecce

    I think we should encourage our children to participate! Maybe even send a nice picture to the President since THEY are the ones who will ultimately pay! I also like the idea of a well- planned “stay home” campaign. Somehow we need to get our voices back America! Silly or not, if you think theres a problem, you SHOULD participate. I’m getting my envelopes ready today.

  15. Robert

    We need a consistent response. Tag and string or a copied picture of a teabag? I absolutely agree the real tea bag would end up somewhere other than the intended address. I’m not so sure the copied picture will have any less impact than the real item.

    BTW, this is not a free country. Freedom is relative, and compared to others our state of freedom is better than many but we are far from free. There are actually very few things you’re actually free to do without some sort of cost, tax, fine, or repercussion. Less big government could indeed improve the concept of freedom.

  16. Luke Gedeon


    Free, like most other words, has degrees of meaning. No one uses free to mean totally free of outside influence. Even “free” floating in outer-space, you are not totally free of outside influences.

    This country does, however, still have a lot of the freedoms that make for a “free” country. It may not be as free as we would like it, but it is still accurate to refer to it as free.

    Also if you compare the US to most of the East Asian nations that I work with regularly America is very free. Of course, comparing nations is like comparing yourself to other people. Just because you can find someone who is more evil than you does not make you good.

  17. Shirley

    I really don’t think it will matter if we send the “string & tag” or “a picture” of a tea bag, just do it!

    Even our short-sighted politicians WILL get our message!

  18. Charlie

    Take away a little freedom a day and you may not miss it but take it away all at once, you would.

    Catch a wild pig by putting out food in an open space, next week, put up one fence side, next week another side finally put the 4th side with a open gate and eventually the pigs, used to the free food will go into the open gate and then when you close it you have remove their freedom.
    Same thing is happening here.

    Buy and read Neal Boortz, the Fair Tax book and The truth about the fair Tax.

    Be the solution not the problem to America.

    Thank you vets for your service.

  19. Robert Thompson

    Today is the day and I am sending real bags and hope it over loads the system, then it might make news.

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