Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-02-15

  • Anyone else start shapeupRI today? #
  • I’m SO excited! Based on the pedometer I am wearing today, I am NOT sedentary!! Yes, I have 5 children, and I am still surprised! πŸ˜€ #
  • Unfortunately, even though I have plenty to keep me busy, I am only lightly active….. But that’s better than sedentary, right? πŸ™‚ #
  • @stretchmarkmama That is hilariously cute! #
  • The UN Rights of the child, which threatens all parents, could be voted in as early as this April! #
  • Please do all you can to stop the UN CRC!! #
  • Never thought I’d say it, but I sure am glad to see the snow thawing! #
  • Just put a badge my hubby created on my web page. Wanna see? #
  • The gov’t gets control of health care too?! #
  • OK. This is COOL!! #
  • Birds!!!! I hear birds!!!! #
  • I can no longer see my breath out in the cold! What a nice day!! #
  • me to 3YO, “You’re arguing again.” Her response, “No, I’m not!” #
  • Hubby just commanded me to tweet. So, here goes…….. tweet. #
  • I love it when my hubby starts posting 1st, but I get done 1st!!! πŸ™‚ #
  • @Cullens_Girl Aw!!! Poor boys (and Dani)! #
  • I am SO glad I have God to rely on in these uncertain times. #

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