Tabetha’s Tweets 2009-02-08

  • learned a very important lesson tonight. Never try to play wrestle 4 children at once! #
  • @Cullens_Girl I think both of your kids have entered a loud age at once. 1YOs and 4YOs both tend to be a bit LOUD! #
  • 8YO got up and started school immediately (her choice) and was done by 10:30! Woo-Hoo!!! #
  • @stretchmarkmama Mine began @ 6, & 2 yrs later 8YO types 20 wpm. Here’s where she started (scroll down?):
  • @stretchmarkmama Oops. Link didn’t tinyurl. May have to scroll down, too. #
  • Oh wow!! I’ve been using this site for years for typing. They do more than typing!!! #
  • @stretchmarkmama I didn’t learn to type until my sophomore year in HS, but I am assuming kids are learning earlier these days! 😀 #
  • @stretchmarkmama When they get bored with the BBC site, there is a more advanced program called masterkey (works on a mac). #
  • More on parental rights and CRC: #
  • someone please tell me this is an age related phase. My 6.5YO seems to do everything he possibly can to bother people! Suggestions? #
  • @bradshorr Happy Birthday!! #
  • Is it possible to get the things you don’t have? Kind of like asking if tomorrow ever comes. #
  • @Cullens_Girl How was Dora Live? #

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