Tabetha’s Tweets 2008-12-01

  • I am SO glad that God provides for our needs and does it at the exact right moment!!! #
  • @Kellyschaos Ouch!! I just read this one. I hope they call you back quickly. As a matter of fact, I’ll say a prayer for you right now. in reply to Kellyschaos #
  • @Kellyschaos Cool! I had just lifted my head from praying for you!!! in reply to Kellyschaos #
  • My 2YO has learned to open doors. Knew it was coming soon. Now I just need to teach her not to go in her room when my 10 mo old is napping. #
  • My computer is being taken hostage by my 8YO who needs it for school. #
  • 2YO wants me to take her potty but will only let me stand and watch. She redoes everything I do to help. 😐 #
  • My 8YO is saying, “Duh!” to my 10 month old to hear her say it back. She almost has the tone down! 🙂 #
  • Playing a quick game of tic-tac-toe with my 6YO. #
  • @Cullens_Girl I knew it!! 🙂 But I really don’t know a thing. 😉 in reply to Cullens_Girl #
  • My 6YO & 5YO have a friend over for the night. Working on getting 3 boys in bed…. #
  • Trying to convince myself that dishes are what I want to be doing right now instead of sleep….it isn’t working. But I’ll do them anyway. #
  • After eating green bean casserole, my 5YO said, “What?! I ate onions?! Well, I guess I like onions!” #
  • About to watch a movie while eating fresh veggies (healthy), dip (not healthy), and popcorn (kind of in between)! #
  • My 5yo just said to me, “you gave me 96 cheerios. You really gave me 97, but 1 fell out me my cup!”how many have you had 2day? #
  • Somehow my 8YO daughter always knows when to leave an “I love you” note at just the right time. 🙂 #

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