Tabetha’s Favorite Tweets – 2009/06/28

I have been marking favorite tweets on twitter for months and have not shared them with you. Since my twitter tools broke on me today, I decided to take this opportunity to share. Since I have been saving for so long, I will spread them between 2 days. Stay tuned next Sunday for a double blessing – two weeks worth of my tweets! 😉

giddytab’s Favorites

  1. Sandra Hersey

    sandraherseySometimes God allows you to go into the fiery furnace, but He ALWAYS shows up and protects you so you will not even smell of smoke!10:01 AM Jun 27th from web

  2. Natalie Grant

    NatalieGrantUm….sorry 4 the last one. Gracie just sent her 1st Twitter…..7:32 PM Jun 20th from Tweetie

  3. Natalie Grant

    NatalieGrantScfxsz z;;,/27:31 PM Jun 20th from Tweetie

  4. Scott Kuhn

    scottersDog, under desk…accidentally turned off surge protector. He’s apparently helping test Windows 7.1:06 PM May 31st from web

  5. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmamaI now have kids who are 3, 5, and 7. Don’t even attempt to take away the mathematical joy that I get from that.11:07 PM May 30th from web

  6. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmama7YO: “Mom? Are you gonna jump on the inflatables? . . . Nooo, you’d probably pop ’em.”10:28 PM May 30th from web

  7. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmamaI can never figure out why my spam is chock-full of ads about stretch marks. And then? (*slapping hand against forehead*)2:12 AM May 18th from web

  8. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmama@giddytab ★ ♫ ♥ ☆ I just saved an old message (from someone else) as a favorite–and I just copy-paste those cute little symbols. 🙂11:27 PM May 8th from web in reply to giddytab

  9. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmamaJust opened 529 savings accounts for the kids. So…if I put in $100 today, what’s that gonna be worth in ten years? FIVE DOLLARS?11:04 PM May 8th from web

  10. Robert Hruzek

    RobertHruzekI tell ya; people sure have short attention spans around here! Why can’t folks focus on the task at han- ooh! Cupcakes!9:06 AM May 8th from twhirl

  11. Danielle Bean

    DanielleBeanHey all you “music-plays-when-I-open-your-blog” people: Cut it out!10:56 AM May 7th from TweetDeck

  12. Greg Wind

    gregwindHave decided my tea/asprin/lozenge strategy for fighting this flu is like throwing ice cubes out the window because it’s hot out.7:19 AM May 6th from TweetDeck

  13. Scott Kuhn

    scottersSorry, but I’ve fulfilled my daily quota for putting out fires. Please schedule yours accordingly. K? Thx.3:09 PM May 4th from twidroid

  14. Robert Hruzek

    RobertHruzek“May the Fourth be with you.” – I just got it! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! (OK, I’m a bit slow.)10:48 AM May 4th from twhirl

  15. Scott Kuhn

    scottersRT @larrymwalkerjr: – Gross: Is this the cure or cause of the swine flu? Watch your kids. #followfriday #swineflu9:10 PM May 1st from TweetDeck

  16. Sprittibee

    sprittibeeMy daughter just asked me “What if Burger King and Dairy Queen got married?” I said, “Man those would be some greasy babies.”5:09 PM May 1st from TweetDeck

  17. Nathan Smith

    crossmarkWife: “Think I can lose 10 lbs in the next two weeks?” Me: “Maybe if you cut off your head.” Wife: Not amused.11:44 PM Jan 12th from TweetDeck

  18. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmama7YO, after asking me how I learned to type: “Mom? Did the typewriters SEND stuff? Like e-mail? WAS THERE EVEN PAPER BACK THEN?”6:59 PM Jan 12th from web

  19. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmamaYou know, back when I had a “boring” life, I had ALL KINDS of time to write. And nothing to write about.5:58 PM Jan 12th from web

  20. Stretch Mark Mama

    stretchmarkmamaChristmas shopping. Online. 7YO hollers to sibs: “Don’t go near mom! She’s buying our presents!” HELLO, PEOPLE. I WILL SHOP FOREVER.1:38 PM Dec 11th, 2008 from web

  21. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy 8YO is saying, “Duh!” to my 10 month old to hear her say it back. She almost has the tone down! 🙂7:07 PM Nov 25th, 2008 from TwitKit

  22. patsyclairmont

    patsyclairmontWe were admiring the snow out the windows when Les said, “Look.” Among the scampering snowflakes there fluttered a butterfly. Huh?3:36 PM Nov 25th, 2008 from web

  23. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy computer is being taken hostage by my 8YO who needs it for school.12:22 PM Nov 25th, 2008 from TwitKit

  24. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy 2YO has learned to open doors. Knew it was coming soon. Now I just need to teach her not to go in her room when my 10 mo old is napping.11:48 AM Nov 25th, 2008 from TwitKit

  25. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabI am SO glad that God provides for our needs and does it at the exact right moment!!!4:30 PM Nov 24th, 2008 from web

  26. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabDo people still wear watches? I used to but don’t seem to need it anymore since I have a clock on my phone.9:17 PM Nov 22nd, 2008 from TwitKit

  27. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabCandice just took three steps!!8:55 PM Nov 21st, 2008 from TwitKit

  28. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy 2 YO just asked to watch Spy Kids? Heh?4:01 PM Nov 20th, 2008 from TwitKit

  29. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy 10 mo old just took a single step before falling!!1:57 PM Nov 20th, 2008 from TwitKit

  30. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabA yell in the house is more difficult to hear than a whisper.12:17 PM Nov 20th, 2008 from TwitKit

  31. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabWhy is it that my 2YO wants to ride my 10 mo old like a horse? 😐7:49 PM Nov 18th, 2008 from TwitKit

  32. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy 10 mo old is on a roll today. She has learned to raise the toilet lid. Fortunately I rescued her before she took a potty bath. 🙂6:00 PM Nov 18th, 2008 from TwitKit

  33. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabCrushed Ice, I love you!!!!!9:55 PM Nov 17th, 2008 from TwitKit

  34. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabgrumpiest teething 10 month old I’ve ever met…..EVER!!9:35 PM Nov 17th, 2008 from TwitKit

  35. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy 10 month old has learned how to flush the toilet!! She’s done it twice tonight. Yes, the toilet lid was down! 🙂9:04 PM Nov 17th, 2008 from TwitKit

  36. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabFunny. My 8YO always asks if a small meal portion is “too much,” while my 6yo always asks if a humongous one is “enough.”6:57 PM Nov 17th, 2008 from TwitKit

  37. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMy (almost) 3YO has learned to say “NO WAY!” Only problem is, she has no idea what it means or when to say it! 🙂4:30 PM Nov 17th, 2008 from TwitKit

  38. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytab@simpsonsparadox I know! We only eat them once a month or so.3:19 PM Nov 17th, 2008 from TwitKit in reply to simpsonsparadox

  39. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabHad on time 2 rewet & style hair this am. Fortunately it is raining! The rain is my friend!11:39 AM Nov 15th, 2008 from txt

  40. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabStraightening up the house for company this evening. Kids are helping and excited to do it! 🙂1:51 PM Nov 14th, 2008 from TwitKit

  41. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabMaking hot tea, baking pies, and cooking beans (yes, the same ones I soaked on Wednesday…just a bit behind on that one). 😀10:51 AM Nov 14th, 2008 from TwitKit

  42. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabdrinking hot tea while blogging (still).11:30 PM Nov 13th, 2008 from TwitKit

  43. Tabetha Gedeon

    giddytabReading the Bible with my hubby.11:02 PM Nov 13th, 2008 from TwitKit

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