Respiratory Synctial Virus

Well, it is the time of year for Respiratory Synctial Virus, more commonly known as RSV. The symptoms in an adult are similar to a cold, but are viral instead of bacterial. RSV can be quite serious in a young baby 6 weeks old and younger, especially preemies.

RSV is probably the bug that has been going around our church, but we probably would not have known it if Candice had not tested positive for it. I took her to the emergency room early (and I do mean early) this morning for holding her breath, and they admitted her to watch her.

Candice had very mild symptoms that did not get serious at all. But because RSV affects the airways, which happen to be quite small in an infant, and because she was holding her breath, the doctor wanted to keep her for monitoring. She is home now and still sick but seems to be taking the virus in stride.

On another note, the hospital had these nifty Purell dispensers that automatically spray hand sanitizer in your hand when you hold it under the dispenser. They are so neat…until you sit in a chair that happens to be right underneath a dispenser! Hand sanitizer instantly becomes hair sanitizer!:)

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