Pick Me Up

I wrote this poem in March of 1997 at the age of 19. I lost this poem and had a bit of a time finding it. I decided to post it here, so I can find it when I want it!

I fight so hard to keep the things
I know I do not need,
Seeking approval in the world
In every thought and deed.

I find myself in deep despair
For life seems dark and dreary.
The world just shoves me all around
Until I’m weak and weary.

I reach out to the world
To have it spit right in my face,
Trying to find in every crevasse
My very special place.

Soon I see what I have missed
And why I could not find it;
For up I look into the sky
To see my Daddy’s face all lit.

I see His arms stretched out to me
Waiting for me to utter.
I jump up to my Daddy’s side
With just one thing to stutter,

“Daddy pick me up
Hold me in Your grasp.
Daddy pick me
Ignore me if I gasp.”

“For deep down in my heart I know
You hold the key to every space,
And now I know that I’m made whole
For you ARE my very special place!”

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