Over-Eggsaggerated Eggsact Eggsplanation

I have noticed recently that our family was suddenly eating more eggs during breakfast than we used to. I was not sure what the eggsact eggsplanation for this was, but I thought maybe our kids had a bigger appetite than they used to. Yesterday while scrambling eggs, I found out the (almost) eggsact reason.

Here are the eggsact details. While cracking eggs to scramble, I emptied the egg carton and had to go into a new one. I was quite surprised by the difference in size between the eggs from the different cartons. Both were size large eggs, but one was quite a bit larger than the other. See the pictures below to see eggsactly how much bigger.

Go ahead….scroll down and look. I’ll wait. I’m not eggsactly busy right now and need time to think about the eggsact details anyway.

Did you go look? Eggsellent!

The problem is that I know the larger egg came from Wal-Mart, but I am not sure eggsactly where the smaller egg came from. It was a Stop & Shop carton, but I had refilled it with eggs that did not come out of the carton, so I am not eggsactly sure where not to buy eggs. Fortunately, I do know eggsactly where to get an eggsellent deal on eggs, both in price and in size. And that is the part I wanted to eggsplain anyway.

Now, if you happen to be wondering how eggsactly I emptied a carton of eggs and then had an egg from the old carton to compare with one from the new carton, I will have to eggsplain to you how I crack eggs. I usually hit one egg against the other, which means that I had to hit an egg from the old carton against an egg from the new carton. Just for clarification, I should eggsplain to you that when I get to the last egg, I either hit it against another egg and put the other egg back in the carton, or hit it on the table.

Make sense? If you still are not eggsactly sure, read someone else’s eggsplaination. This is actually eggsplaining how to play a game with hard boiled eggs (which actually sounded kind of fun) that is a similar concept because only one egg breaks. I am not sure eggsactly why this is so. I probably could guess, but that would not be an eggsact reason, because I would be in danger of over or under eggsaggerating.

So, now that you have an eggsplanation of why I should continue to buy eggs at Wal-Mart rather than going to whatever other store I should never buy eggs from again, you can decide for yourself whether my eggsplanation was over-eggsaggerated or eggsellent. I vote for the second option, because it gives more eggsact details and gives a better overview of…….oh……okay. I guess I have eggsplained enough. 🙂

eggs.jpg eggs-2.jpg

2 thoughts on “Over-Eggsaggerated Eggsact Eggsplanation

  1. Ilma

    Wow! That’s a pretty big diference in the eggs. Too bad our Walmart doesn’t sell eggs, but they are remodeling, so maybe they will start selling more food then just crackers and such. We usually get ours at Costco, they’re not too bad in size and price.

    Loved the Eggsplanation!! 🙂


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