Name That Kid

Having a large family makes for some interesting conversations sometimes. Here is how the conversation at breakfast this morning went:

Peter: Can I have yogurt?

me: Yes

Bethany: Can I have yogurt in a bowl?

Phillip: Can I have applesauce?

me: No

Bethany: I want yogurt

me: It is already in a cup. You don’t need a bowl.

Phillip: Why can’t I have applesauce?

Bethany: Can I have yogurt?

me: I never said you couldn’t have applesauce.

Phillip: You said ‘no’

Bethany: I want yogurt

me: I didn’t hear you ask

Peter: I’m just getting yogurt for Bethany

me: I was talking to Phillip

Peter: Phillip can have yogurt?!

me: No, he was asking about something else

And on and on it went. And that was with just three of my kids. Anna had not entered the room yet, and Candice was behaving fairly well.

I think a little bit of confusion will be eliminated once I learn to use names before responding to my children. It is conversations like the one above that will eventually push me to remember their names, so I can use them. šŸ˜€

Notes: Peter did eventually get thanked for helping out with Bethany, Bethany did eventually get yogurt, and Peter was surprised that Phillip might be getting yogurt because Phillip has a milk allergy.

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