My Little Clown

Peter has always been my little clown. It is almost like silliness wells up within him, and he just can’t contain it!

At the library several months ago, Peter was making faces at some high school girls. When they started laughing and pointing, he hid behind a book shelf! When I asked him why he was hiding, the conversation went like this:

Peter: Those girls are laughing at me.
Me: Were you making faces at them?
Peter: Yes.
Me: Didn’t  you make faces at them so they would laugh at you?
Peter: Yes, but now they will think I’m a clown.
Me: Don’t you like being a clown?
Peter: No.
Me: Why not?
Peter: Because clowns have big red noses!

We have had several discussions about clowns and how it isn’t true that ALL clowns have red noses, but he is convinced that they all do, therefore he does NOT want to be a clown. He can’t help himself, though! He still makes faces at people in stores or on the bus, and when someone laughs at him, he is encouraged to do it even more!

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