Mom Can’t Use a Hammer!

The other day I was trying to hang a shelf but was having trouble finding a stud in the wall to anchor it. I decided to try to hang it on a different wall that seemed to be made of sturdier material. The only problem was that every time I got the nail to a certain point, it would bend. After bending 5 nails, I realized I was nailing into a chimney that was plaster/wood with brick underneath.

Phillip was watching almost the whole time and handed me nail after nail to try again. He definitely got an opinion of his mom and her skill using a hammer! When we got downstairs, he said with a laugh, “Mom can’t hammer a nail in the wall without bending it. She should have gotten Dad to do it.” So much for impressing the 4 year old, huh? But, hey, at least I was right about one thing. The second wall was made of sturdier material!

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