Making Pinatas – Part 4

If you haven’t read parts 1, 2, or 3 yet, feel free to go catch up before (or after) you continue. If you don’t like ketchup with your blogs, just continue reading. 😀

When we were making the pinatas, we put on many many layers because we were afraid the home made pinatas might not be as tough as the store bought ones. They were, after all, only put together with flour and water. We went light on the one the little kids would be hitting, though.

Let me tell you, the strength of those pinatas was a big surprise! The kids had a hard time with the one we went easy on! When we got up to the next age group and saw how hard they were hitting the pinata and only making dents, we decided to let a few adults try. Three different men whacked the pinata with all they had and still only left dents!

For the toughest pinata (for the oldest kids), the guys finally gave in and cut slits in it. Even then, the pinata still held strong. Finally, they raised it all the way to the ceiling and let it hit the concrete. That worked! The only downfall was that some of the candy took quite a beating (but it still tasted good, I’m sure)! Needless to say, we were quite pleased with the strength of our pinatas! I must say, though, I am now curious what flour does to our bodies when we eat it if it is that sticky! 🙂

And now for the moment you have all been waiting for! The finished pinatas!! I will tell you ahead of time that they are a turkey, a pie, and 2 pumpkins.

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