Learning to Write My Name

Tonight, for the first time, we had Chinese friends over. They even brought their translator. We had an exciting evening of conversing and learning a new language! I don’t seem to be learning it very quickly, but I am hoping it will one day click, and I will at least be able to understand Chinese. I even learned to write my name!

Luke got the opportunity to tell our story and share some of his lifetime interests. He even got to share how God seems to be pulling together the puzzle pieces of our lives.

Anna had a blast with Tong (Xu Wenli’s wife), and Ruo Mei (the translator) learning hand games, drawing, and playing with their hair. She also practiced writing Chinese a bit and learned to write her name.

Peter was a little clown. He was also told over and over that he looked like the perfect American male model. Maybe he won’t be too arrogant after tonight! 🙂 He, being the early bird that he is, soon grew very tired and put himself to bed on the love seat.

Phillip got along well with Xu Wenli and talked to him most of the evening, even though he only knows about 3 Chinese words. I am sure he will pick it up much more quickly than I will!

Bethany was a bit shy at first, but she soon opened up and acted like herself. Everyone loved her messy face while she ate supper, especially the chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!

Candice didn’t seem to be aware of anything out of the ordinary. She slept most of the time. My wonderful husband was very helpful by helping me care for her and helping with supper! Xie Xie, Luke! 😉

We all had a great time! All in all, it was an interesting learning experience and wonderful time together with new friends!

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