It Works!!!

I have read that dish detergent takes out stains, and now that I have tried it, I am convinced!! The other day I got a grease stain (veggie oil) on a favorite shirt and was very disappointed because I have never been successful at getting grease stains out of clothing. I remembered reading about using dish detergent, so I put dawn on the spots and tossed the shirt in the laundry to wash later. When it came time to wash it, I re-treated the stains with Shout stain remover and washed it in cold water. The stains came out completely!! I don’t know if the Shout was necessary, but I was excited so I shouted!! 🙂 Seriously, though, I put the Shout on just in case. Maybe when it isn’t a favorite shirt, I”ll take a risk and try it without it! 🙂 Meanwhile, I am glad to say that I have been successful at removing grease stains!! Now I shall wait for the next challenge that crosses my way!! Don’t worry, it probably won’t be a long wait!

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