If it Makes Jesus Happy

Our church is going to have a baptism service soon. Since Peter became a Christian last year, he and I got into a conversation about whether he wants to be baptized at the service.

Peter has not liked having water in his eyes and/or ears since he was a baby. When he goes swimming, he comes out with a dry head because he would never choose to put his head under water. So, with that in mind, here is how our most recent baptism conversation went.

Peter: Mom, isn’t it almost the day for the baptism?

Me: Yes. Do you want to get baptized Sunday?

Peter: Yes! But Mom, do I really have to put my head under water?

Me (with demonstration): Yes. The pastor takes you under and then brings you right back up.

Peter: Was Jesus baptized?

Me: Yes

Peter: Does he want me to be baptized?

Me: I think that would make him very happy.

Peter: Well, if it will make Jesus happy, then I will do it.

The baptism was scheduled to be tomorrow, but since there are so many children in the church interested in being baptized, the pastor decided to do a class on Wednesday explaining what baptism is and why people get baptized. So, the baptism will be in 2 weeks. We are not sure if Peter will go through with it this time. We are not pushing him to do it before he is ready, but we do hope he will be baptized (and understand the meaning behind it) in the near future. 🙂

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