Happy 8th, Anna!

Anna turned 8 last month! She made all the choices regarding her birthday, and here is what we did.

Her favorite birthday gift was the one God gave her – snow. It snowed a good 4 inches that day. So, while I made supper, Luke took the three oldest kids sledding at a nearby park.

For supper we had homemade pepperoni pizza. She specifically chose homemade because she likes mommy’s sauce (had to include that little tidbit!). Then we loaded up and headed to the mall.

Anna, being very sweet and generous, decided to spend some of her money on her mom and dad, and bought us a beautiful green, blue, and gold star. We felt very special to have her spend her own birthday money on us. After being convinced that she should spend some of the money on herself,she bought an Ariel toy for herself at Claire’s.

After the mall, we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart and let her pick out one candy item for herself and one drink of her choice to share with the family. She chose a sucker that looks like a baby bottle that also included other candy inside the bottle and root beer to drink.

When we got home, she got to stay up later than the other kids and enjoy a root beer float! I think she had a blast!!

Take a peek at a few pictures. She is at that age where I have to sneak up on her if I want a shot that isn’t silly! She doesn’t have a bit of personality, does she? 🙂

I’m just now posting this because I’ve had difficulty getting pictures on my blog at the correct size. I finally settled with just putting up thumbnails.


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