Growing up!!

Anna Marie took her first unsupervised shower today! She even brushed her own hair!! My little girl is growing up before my very eyes! It is exciting and sad at the same time! It is sad because she is not the little girl she used to be, but it is exciting because growing up is a necessary step in life!

She is able to help me with the younger kids and is actually old enough to be helpful around the house instead of me pretending she is helping. I no longer have to refrain from redoing the tasks I give her. She actually does them well most of the time! A lot of the teaching is done, and she is excited to help!

I am still getting used to the sight of Anna Marie holding Bethany and am amazed at her ability to motivate the boys, sometimes with more success than me!! Maybe I should take lessons from her! She is also learning to use the computer and loves math!! She is quickly excelling in her reading, and is excited to learn new things. It is interesting to watch her learn and wonder what she will end up doing with her life. But let’s not rush things. I want to enjoy her as my little girl for a little while longer!!

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