Group Writing: Favorite Homemade Gifts – Results

Thanks so much to those who took time to share their favorite homemade gift ideas. Grab a cup of  hot chocolate, have a seat, and enjoy these creative ideas with me!

Gifts Made By Hand Come from the Heart
by Em Dy

Em believes that homemade gifts are the way to go because they are more personal than a store bought one. She suggests making a gift that fits the personality of the receiver. She gives several specific and personalized ideas for any season!

Does a Website Count as a Homemade Christmas Gift?
by Luke Gedeon

Luke helps us see that virtual gifts can be some of the best “homemade” gifts you could ever give a geek. I believe it might even be a cool gift for a non-geek, who could truly use some help. What a wonderful idea!

The Homemade Design that Made My Birthday
by Erica DeWolf

Erica tells of a gift in the mail that is the next best thing to seeing your loved ones in person. What creative friends she had! If I had the ability to make this gift, I would make it for my own daughter! Maybe I should practice a bit and consider making it for another occasion!

My Favorite Homemade Gift
by me

I tell about a gift that I received and like so much that I made up a batch and gave them away as gifts. I would give them again if it wasn’t too redundant!

From a Friend Without Internet Access

I also have another to add from a couple with no internet access, who gave my children homemade gifts this year. They made allergy free gingerbread cookies, and decorated them beautifully. They actually look like Christmas ornaments, only the are edible!! What a perfect personalized, made with love gift!!



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