Forget Perfection – Give Me Speed!!

While sitting in on Peter’s and Phillip’s sunday school class yesterday, I observed them coloring. Peter was working very slowly, being so precise, and coloring each tiny piece of the picture a different color. Phillip, on the other hand, was just scribbling all over the page. His page filled up pretty fast, and still he scribbled and scribbled until Ms. Christy said, “Phillip, your page is full. You may choose a stamp to decorate your page.” Peter’s head came up quickly. He looked at his page, leaned way over around another little girl to see Phillip’s page, looked at his crayon, and went to town scribbling all over his page!! It was hilarious!! He was rewarded by being allowed to choose a stamp to decorate his page! Meanwhile Ms. Christy and I had to hide our laughter behind our hands.

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