Egg Free Chocolate Chip cookies

Of all the allergies in our family, egg is the hardest to find a substitute for. It is usually easy to substitute for milk because water almost always works. It doesn’t work so well in chocolate milk, but soy milk works for that. I usually use water in recipes and find that the recipe tastes pretty much the same.

With egg, it is a whole different story. They are in everything, and even egg substitutes sometimes have egg in them. I have learned that banana (1 small per egg) works in sweet recipes (if you like a banana flavor).  It is absolutely delicious when substituted in pancakes – better than regular pancakes in my opinion! A mix of vinegar, oil, and water also works in some cases, and so does applesauce. There are actually several substitutes available.

I baked cookies tonight for an upcoming event and wanted to make sure there was something available for Phillip to eat. I have made oatmeal chocolate chip before, but tonight I decided to experiment with chocolate chip. I used this recipe and the texture and flavor was good. They almost had a shortbread flavor to them, but they were very soft. When I compared it to the Toll House recipe, I discovered that the egg free recipe was very similar but had less sugar. If I ever make them again,  I will add about 1/4 cup more of both brown and granulated sugar.

All in all, I call the experiment a success! I am sure Phillip will love them!

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