Do you think I’m pretty?

AM and P were playing dress up yesterday. Here is how the conversation went.

AM: P, do you think I’m pretty in these dress up clothes?

P: No, your clothes are ugly.

AM: Mom, do you think I’m pretty?

Me: Yes, but it has nothing to do with your clothes.

AM: P, don’t you think I’m pretty?

P: no

AM: Do you want to wear this coat?

P: yes

AM: Do you think I’m pretty?

P: yes

AM: Okay, here’s the coat.

P: Yeah, I get the coat!!

AM: Did you just say I was pretty to get the coat?

P: yes

AM: I just gave it to you so you’d say I’m pretty

The innocent honesty of children! The world might be a different place if we were all that honest. Although, I’m not sure if it would be for better or worse!!

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