But Don’t Sock Up!

I have always been weird about my socks. I don’t like it when:

  • I sleep in them
  • they get wet
  • they get wrinkled or twisted
  • the heel slides down in my shoe
  • the seam is against my little toe
  • the top is too loose or tight

I did mention that I was weird about my socks, right? Do you believe me?

Well, take it from me, the picky sock girl! I have found socks that have none of the above problems. Introducing the cool and comfortable fuzzy socks!!

These socks are SO cool! They don’t wrinkle or fall off, yet they don’t cut your circulation either! They seem to repel water (to a reasonably degree…don’t jump in the pool to check them out). They are comfortable alone, yet they feel very soft and comfortable with shoes.

If you have that urge to try something new in this area, you should give these a try! Of course, you should not stock up because you are not me, therefore you may not personally like them, and if you do like them, you still won’t be me because that is impossible (for anyone except my hubby).

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