Bethany’s Blurbs

While out and about, Bethany and I visited a bathroom where music was playing from a speaker overhead. Bethany looked up and said, “Who’s singin’?.” After I told her it was the radio, she just looked up again and said, “Who’s singin’ up dere?” Evidently she didn’t quite understand how invisible people could sing on the ceiling, even if their names were Radio.”

Other blurbs by Bethany include:

“It is utside down” after turning a tub of strawberries upside down.

“It is emty” referring to an empty container.

“I’m in tubble, I’m in tubble.” (she wasn’t really in trouble….she just liked chanting it).

“Canny is kying” while Candice was crying.

“Did you yike it, Phup?” referring to Phillip’s candy.

“Can you open this, Mom?” referring also to candy.

“Can I have some, Mom?” referring to some type of food.

“I move it!” after pushing something across the floor.

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