Bethany Too

We are pretty sure Bethany is allergic to cinnamon. I must admit that this idea boggled me a bit because she has had cinnamon before on occasion and has never had this reaction. Than I remembered that Phillip had drank milk before we knew he was allergic. Supposedly it can take your body a little bit to build the antibodies and react to the allergen.

After a bit of research this morning, I have learned some about the different types of cinnamon. It is very possible that Bethany is only allergic to one type of cinnamon, but because it is very hard to know which type was used in recipes, we will just stay away from all of it. This could be tricky because many times cinnamon is included on the ingredient list as “spices.” We will have to be very careful and always have benedryl on hand for her.

Due to our past experiences with food allergies, we did not rush her to the hospital or call the doctor.We just gave her benadryl and watched to make sure it worked and that no breathing problems developed. But we do intend to tell her doctor for future reference.

These pictures were taken right after we gave her the Benadryl. Click on them to get a bigger picture.


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