An Attitude of Service

Today is the day that will always be remembered as the day that I didn’t install Mama’s air conditioner. Here’s the story.

Mama and I went to her apartment with three goals: to be there when the gas to her stove was turned on, to install her air conditioner, and to get her locks changed by the maintenance man.

I was really dreading putting the air conditioner in the window because I was going to have to do it by myself, and if you didn’t know this already, those things are pretty heavy!!

As I was getting ready to pick the air conditioner up, a man outside Mama’s window (and on the other side of a fence) said, “I’m the one who knocked on your door this morning.” Mama was shocked because she had not been there this morning, but he said there was definitely someone in the apartment. It turns out that he had his buildings mixed up!

When Mama mentioned that someone was supposed to change her locks this morning, he volunteered to do it right then. So, it was settled, and he would be in her apartment within the next few minutes.

As I bent over yet again to pick up the air conditioner, I said, “Hey!!! Maybe he can help me with this.” I still picked the air conditioner up to put it on a table that was at waist level, so I could set up the playpen for Candice where the air conditioner had been sitting (I’m sure I did this partly just to see if I was able to lift it! ;)).

Of course he was glad to help and did it with a smile. And he did not stop there! He volunteered to bring in a board and screws to tilt and anchor her air conditioner; he brought in an extension cord and adapter to plug it in; He volunteered to keep an eye out for items Mama still needed; and He offered to help with anything else we might need.

But the part that amazed me the most, aside from the “pleased to help you” attitude, was this. While he was putting in the new lock, I mentioned to Mama that she might want a surge protector for her computer. About an hour later, the maintenance man brought us one! I never asked him to, and he never said he would. It was a pleasant surprise!

This man has a dirty job that many would hate. But he seems to love it and could sure give some great lessons on how to treat people!

Be hospitable to one another without grumbling. I Peter 4:9

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  1. Amy LeForge

    What a wonderful day for you and your Mama, and what a wonderful maintenance man! One of my greatest aspirations for my boys is that they grow up to be men who find joy in serving others.


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