A Romantic Proposal

The coolest thing about re-organizing is that you get to walk down memory lane as you uncover precious treasures.

About two years ago, I shared with you the story of how Luke and I met and told you a bit of our story. One of those precious treasures I uncovered was a copy of Luke’s proposal to me. Isn’t he romantic?

Weddings are a wondrous thing.
I want to give you a ring.
Life without you would be pain.
Life with you my greatest gain.

Years I’ve waited and would pray,
Oh! How I longed for the day,
Until the time I could say,

My dearest one, these words are true,
All of my love I give to you.
Receive this token,
Ring unbroken.
Yes, all my love I give to you.

May God always bless our love.
Each moment, bliss from above.

– Luke Gedeon

This poem is shared under a creative commons license.

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