A No Touch Detour

Anna and I went to the airport tonight to pick up my mom, who is moving here. We rode a bus about 45 minutes to the airport. After using the restroom, I called Luke to let him know we had made it and could find our way around the airport quite well. That is when he told us that we needed to get right back on a bus to head back home!

My mom’s flight had been delayed to the point that there would be no bus to get us home that late at night. So, we took a 1.5 hour trip to the airport just to use their bathroom and leave!! 😀

The interesting thing is that on the way to the airport, the bus driver was ahead of schedule, so he went out of his way to drop me at the airport about 20 minutes before he was actually supposed to. After I talked to Luke, Anna and I actually had time to get back to the bus stop in time to catch the same bus when we were supposed to be getting off! How’s that for cool?

Wanna know what else is cool? For the first time ever, I had the privelege of entering a restroom that was completely no touch. The toilets, water, soap, and dryers were all no touch. Maybe eventually there will be a no touch toilet paper dispenser! Then again, the no touch technology is scary enough as it is!

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