A Bad Example

This is an from an email I sent Luke in November of 2005. Anna was five years old and going through a bullying stage.

I just caught AM shaking her fist in front of P’s face. I told her not to ever do it again and that shaking her fist in someone’s face is part of being a bully. Then I asked her if anybody had ever done that to her, wondering where she had learned it. She said “no,” so I asked her where she had seen it. She said she had seen it on a movie and that it was a bad guy doing it. I said, “You saw a bad guy do it, right?” She nodded. I asked her if she wanted to be like a bad guy, and she said “no.” I told her that if she doesn’t want to be like a bad guy, she doesn’t need to do things she sees bad guys do. I think that impacted her more than anything else I could have done.

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