5 More Things About Me

Robert Hruzek tagged me in a meme that asks you to list seven things about yourself, but since he couldn’t count, I decided to only list five like he did, so he wouldn’t look as silly. 🙂

I have done a meme similar to this one twice before. Since I don’t want to be redundant, and I know you like reading my blog so much, I will give you the opportunity to go back and read 7 Things About Me and Five Things That May Surprise You. Just don’t forget to come back. 😉

Now that you’ve caught up, I will tell you five more things about myself. If, after reading those two posts along with this one, you still don’t know quite enough about me, go ahead and do your own list of five (or seven, if you can count) things about yourself and re-tag me. 🙂 Here’s my list.

  1. I don’t quite own “on.” Being from the south, I used to think that both on and own were pronounced “own.” When I tried to correct my pronunciation, I went a little too far. Now they are both “on.” And even more mixed up than that is that sometimes I will say, “I did it all own my on.” Maybe this little mess-up in pronunciation is why…
  2. I like to write. Now I don’t mean that I like to write short stories or poetry. I mean I literally like to get out a piece of paper and write.  It is also important to have a pen that I thoroughly enjoy writing with. If the pen isn’t write, the righting experience isn’t as good. 🙂 It might even make my hand fall asleep. Speaking of which…
  3. My head has fallen asleep. My head has literally fallen asleep on one side, and it was the weirdest sensation. This topic came up with when I tried to have a coherent conversation with Luke after falling asleep on the couch. Speaking of sleeping, I need to start saying goodbye soon. But here’s a little something to wake you up until the end of my post…
  4. I like mixed drinks. Now, don’t come to any conclusions until you have read more. I like mixing different juices together (with no added “ingredients”). Apple-strawberry is good, but my favorite is orange-apple-pineapple! Other mixed drinks I have been known to drink are peanut-butter-chocolate-milk and coffee-tea. Speaking of mixed drinks a cup of tea (regular mixed with sugar cookie sleigh ride) sounds yummy. Talk to you guys later….What? Oh. I’m only on number 4? There’s one more? Guess I really can’t count!!!
  5. I always say “goodbye” 3 times. My mom pointed this out to me when I was a pre-teen. I began to pay attention to myself, and sure enough, I always tend to say “goodbye” three times before I actually mean it.

So, there you have it. Five things about me that you were just dying to know. Now it is my turn to tag 5 people. I choose as my victims…

Good bye!

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