Are You Looking Up or Down?

It’s time for a personal confession. I have been unsatisfied with myself now for about five years. Normally one would think that as time goes by, those feelings of dissatisfaction would go away or at least slacken, but no. They have been getting stronger and stronger over that time period.

You see, the more I see how far off I am from what God wants me to be, the more dissatisfaction I feel. I now feel like it can only get better from here (at least I hope so) because I have been introduced to a new mentality.

You see, I am on a journey up a mountainside that ultimately leads to Heaven. I have no idea how far up the mountain I am, but I know I am not at the bottom. I know this for a fact because I am constantly looking down at all the places I have been.

When I take a wrong step, I am so busy looking at the footprint that I just left, that I am likely to miss where to take my next step to resume my hike up the mountain. In fact, I am very likely to make a circle around that single footprint trying to erase it, never realizing that I am making even more misplaced step.

The problem here is that I am focusing on myself. My thoughts are constantly, “Oh, I messed up…..again!” And let me tell you, I am a pro at messing up! But what I keep forgetting to consider is that God is used to dealing with professionals, and He happens to be a pro at forgiving.

Unfortunately, if you are looking down the mountain instead of up at the glorious Heavenly Father, who is the ultimate example, you forget what you are striving to be. You forget that the focus of life should not be “me, me me” but “God, God, God.”

Now I am working to change my focus from how awful I am to how awesome God is. And let me tell you, any God that can change me for the better is a pretty awesome God. That’s a tough job!

Are you making the same mistake I am? Are you looking down at all your mistakes, forgetting that you must look up the mountain to God in order to accomplish the things He has planned for you? It’s not too late to change your focus! Just give it a try and LOTS of prayer and dependence on God!

This is my submission to Robert Hruzek’s “What I Learned From a Mountain Top” group writing project.

3 thoughts on “Are You Looking Up or Down?

  1. Robert Hruzek

    A sound lesson indeed, Tabetha, and one we all fall prey to, I’m sure. I like what you said, though – that God is a pro at forgiveness! Good thing, too!

    Tip o’ the hat for the WILF entry!

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