11 Ways to Beat Time at His Own Game

Luke and I have discovered that we do not get along with Time very well. Somehow he always runs ahead of us and beats us wherever we want to go. Here are a few ways that we have fooled Time into thinking he is winning when we are really giving ourselves a head start.

We do everything possible the night before. Here are some suggestions:

  • lay out clothes for everyone including socks, shoes, and belts
  • pack diaper bag, purse, laptop bag, etc.
  • decide what’s for breakfast (make pancake batter and refridgerate)
  • prepare pot for tea
  • pour drinks into cups, cover, and put in fridge
  • set the table or at least make sure your dishes are clean. 🙂

Here are other tips to help beat Time:

  • Put everything by the door that you plan to take with you (purse, laptop, coats, diaper bag, etc)
  • Make a list of anything you can’t put by the door the night before (like lunch or a favorite blanket) and tape it to the door (even if there is only one thing on the list).
  • Fool yourself into thinking you absolutely have to be out the door half an hour before you really do
  • Make up a morning checklist (we use a dry erase marker on the mirror), and check off (or erase) actions as they are done. (This is helpful b/c I don’t have to ask Luke if he brushed Phillip’s teeth. I just look to see what is still on the “to do” list).
  • Have everyone clean up after themselves by washing their own breakfast dishes, or at least putting them in the sink or dishwasher.

Please let me know if you have other suggestions for beating Time. Moxie and I would love to hear from you!

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